Erotica for Women: The Pleasure of His Mouth

Erotica for Women: The Pleasure of His Mouth

His purpose is to please me

"Mmm," I sigh, as I feel his mouth press between my thighs for the first time.

Ian glances up at me, and the sight of his eyes, shining with playfulness and easy to please, makes me shiver. In all the time that I’ve been sexually active, I don’t think I’ve ever met a man so intent on indulging every single one of my fantasies. When he says that he gets off on my pleasure, I actually believe him. And he always puts his money where his mouth is. Or at least, his mouth where his...

My brain trails off as I feel him draw my clit into his mouth, sucking softly, applying just the gentlest pressure that makes my toes curl against the bed. He slides his hands over my thighs, parting them just a little more, and I let my head sink back into the pillow as the pleasure takes me. I reach down to push my fingers through his dark, curly hair, holding him in place, and press my lips together to keep from making too much noise.

After a moment or two, I feel his fingers tracing around my slit. I am already wet enough that he could push them all the way in, but he seems in no rush. The warmth in my belly, that heat, starts to spread, as I feel him tease my entrance, my body teetering on the brink of that delicious sensation of his fingers inside of me as his tongue continues to tease my clit.

With all the pleasure that he’s been heaping on me, I feel like I’m unlocking a new side to myself—one that isn’t focused on twisting my body the right way, posing in the right spot when they’re on top of me and inside of me, but one that wants to be a little selfish.

I could get used to it, honestly. As he teases me with one finger sliding into me, I gasp, tightening my grip on his head, and he starts to roll my clit between his lips.

It’s all about what I want

I lift my hips, pressing myself into him, silently asking him for more. The combination of his finger inside of me and his mouth against my sensitive nub is sending me to my boiling point, and my body is crying out for more—needy, wanting, desperate. He seems all too willing to indulge me, sliding another finger into me as I gasp with want.

"Good?” He murmurs, lifting his mouth from me for a moment. I look down at him, hardly able to form words. I nod.

"Good," I finally breathe back, the heat of his breath on my pussy making my whole lower body tingle. He plants his mouth back against me, sliding two fingers into me as he did so, and I squeeze my eyes shut and let the sensation take control.

The stimulation on the inside and outside of my pussy was making my entire body tense, and I could already feel the inside of my thighs twitching as I drew closer to the edge. But it wasn’t like a normal orgasm, focused on just bringing a single pleasure center to the point of no return, but something deeper than that. The mesh of sensations, the way it seems to spread out over my whole body at once, is leaving me gasping for air.

He knows I’m going to cum

He seems to sense that I’m getting closer, and he deepens his fingers inside of me—not thrusting, just holding them in me, letting me feel that almost painfully perfect fullness as he continues to lavish my clit with attention. My chest is rising and falling quickly, and I am grinding up against his face, one hand balling the covers into my fists and the other pinning him in place.

"Don’t stop," I gasp, words starting to escape me. The corners of my vision start to blur as I begin to feel the rise inside of me, the stimulation on my clit blending with his steady fingers inside my pussy, the pleasure brewing deep in my belly till I know that I can’t hold it back for a second longer.

"Oh!” I cry out, and I clamp my thighs around him as I hold him in place. The orgasm tears through me, shuddering from my scalp all the way down to my toes, most intense in my pelvis, where it pulsates out to consume my whole body at once. He doesn’t stop the steady movement of his tongue, until I push him back, too oversensitized to take another second.

Leaning down, I pull him towards me, and kiss him hard. I can taste myself on his lips, evidence of the pleasure that he’s been so meticulous about gifting me. My body shudders again, the aftershocks of the orgasm still feeling their way through every nerve-ending at once.

And when I pull back, he is smiling. And I know that he is far from done with me yet.

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