About Us

Indulgent Moments was born out of a frustration with the existing options.  There are many premiums brands that focus on "perceived quality" and charge an unreasonable markup, but we felt that nobody was offering high quality at a reasonable price...so we started our own company! We are all about high quality and elegant design at a reasonable price.

Here at Indulgent Moments, we go above and beyond to bring the pleasure. We did our research to find out what you like and need to reach your ultimate climax. We took that data and did what most companies don't: we created our own product just for you. Unlike our competition, we didn't just buy a standard product  to resell - we designed and made them ourself to ensure it was tailored to perfection.

Most woman agreed they need a powerful toy to get the job done - we listened. We brought a new level of power into the mix for all your playful needs. Whether you prefer sex alone or with others, our products will fit into the mix with ease. 

If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, we want to listen to improve your sexual experience. We are here for you.