Free Erotica for Women: A Halloween Costume He Won't Forget

Free Erotica for Women: A Halloween Costume He Won't Forget

I smooth down the dress one more time before I step into the party and grin. Okay. This is it. Here goes nothing.

I had been planning this for weeks now; the perfect persona to slip into to surprise him at the Halloween party. Everyone would be dressing up, and I had made a point of being vague about my costume idea. The truth is, I wanted to see the look on his face in all its glory, and I had no intention of spoiling it.

I can’t believe how well the transformation has worked. I thought I would look kind of silly in this long, dark wig – as far as I could find from my normal cropped blond hair—but the way it matches with the deep purple velvet of the dress and my fishnets is seriously hot. I spent at least a half-hour going through different lipstick shades, but I settled on a dark purple to match the dress. I’ve never done the goth thing before, but hey, after this, I might do it again.

As soon as I step into the house—our friend’s, one we’ve been to a million times before—I scan the crowd for you. I told you I’d meet you here, wanting the full effect of you seeing me in this outfit for the first time. And, when your eyes lock on mine, I get exactly what I wanted.

Your eyes sweep slowly up and down my body as I approach you, as though you’re trying to make sure it’s really me. Your last-minute rockabilly outfit, your rolled-up white shirt and black jeans, pale in comparison to me right now, and you know it.

I toss my hair over one shoulder and muster up all my confidence, all the confidence I think this girl would have, anyway, looking as good as this. When I reach you, it’s as though everyone else in the room has vanished, and I’m the only one you can see.

“Hi,” I greet him playfully, extending my hand to him. “Good to meet you.”

“Meet...?” He replies as he takes my hand without thinking.

“You want to go somewhere a little more private?” I suggest, lifting my eyebrows, and it clicks. He realizes what I want.

“Sure,” he replies, his eyes darting around to make sure nobody’s looking. “There’s a bedroom upstairs, actually...”

He guides me up the stairs, and I bite my lip in anticipation. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve never done this sort of thing before, sneaking off at a party, but something about wearing this outfit, inhabiting this different person for a while, makes it feel almost natural. I like this version of me.

We make it into the bedroom, and I push him back against the door and kiss him hard. His hands fall to my waist, pulling me close to him, and I can already feel how hard he is beneath his jeans.

“Fuck,” he groans into my mouth as he pushes me back toward the bed behind us.

Downstairs, the party is still carrying on, and if anyone came looking for us, we wouldn’t be hard to find. But none of that seems to matter to either of us as he pushes up the hem of my dress and spreads my legs. I went without underwear; it left lines in the dress. And maybe I had this in mind all along, whether I wanted to admit it or not.

He unzips his pants and plants himself at the entrance to my vagina; I slide my hands around the small of his back, pulling him into me, feeling the heat of his skin underneath my touch. Our mouths come together again as he pushes into me slowly, his tongue entering my mouth as he fills me.

He pushes one hand through my hair, the other sliding over the velvet of my dress, and kisses me hard. I hook my ankles behind my back, so I can pull him even deeper into me. God, I can already feel the pleasure starting to build, the intensity of it getting the better of me.

I turn my head to catch my breath, and he kisses down my neck as he continues to thrust inside of me. I catch sight of the two of us in a mirror mounted on the wall opposite the bed, and, for a split second, I don’t recognize myself and can’t help but think how hot that couple in the mirror is.

I grip his hair and pull him back up to kiss my lips, and I can tell from the way he is breathing that he’s close. I squeeze my thighs against him, driving him deeper into me, needing to feel every inch of him. The fullness feels perfect, like he’s pleasuring me for the first time, and I’m just discovering how good our bodies fit together.

He’s doing his best to hold back his moans, but I can still hear them as he drives into me; finally, I feel him twitch, and he pushes deep into me to finish. Feeling him go over the edge is all I need to take me there myself, and my body clenches around him as he holds himself deep inside of me to draw out my orgasm a little longer.

And, as I lie there on the bed, trying to catch my breath, I know this isn’t the last time I’m going to be wearing this particular Halloween outfit.