Free Erotica for Women: All tied up

Free Erotica for Women: All tied up

Free Erotica for Women

Curious about BDSM and getting tied up? This short erotica shows how a woman and her partner used bondage to overcome her inability to focus and lead to an explosive, tantalizing orgasm—all at the mercy of her dominator.

All tied up

"Hmm," I murmur, as I glance up at the ties he is carefully wrapping around my hands.

"You okay?" He asks softly, reaching down to caress my face. I nod.

"Yeah, I’m good," I reply. "Just...nervous, that’s all."

"You remember our safe word, right?" He asks.

"I do..."

"Good girl," he murmurs, and he dips his mouth down to meet mine. And, as I strain my wrists against the ties binding me to the bed, I can’t help but feel some of the warmth start to bloom between my legs.

This had been his idea; something he’d come up with when I’d been having a hard time reaching orgasm when we were together. Not that I didn’t have a good time with him, but rather...rather, I had an impossible task of getting out of my own head. My mind is always so busy, it feels impossible, sometimes, to let go and let the pleasure take control of me.

So, this is how we’re going to fix it. He’s the one in charge now—for as long as this particular session lasts, at least. He lowers himself down on top of me, and I long to run my fingers through his hair, over the strong musculature of his back, but my hands are bound steadily above my head.

He dips his fingers down between my legs, and grins against my mouth.

"You’re so wet already," he tells me, drawing his hand back and guiding his slick fingers in front of my lips. "Open your mouth."

I do as I am told at once, and he pushes his fingers past my lips and tells me to taste myself. The warmth in my belly begins to build, and soon, I find myself sucking on his fingers, tasting my own musk, mind unable to focus on anything other but this.

He pushes his thigh between my legs to spread them, and I crane my neck down to get a look at his hardened cock. Maybe there’s something to be said for this, being tied up and unable to take control; as I watch him guide his dick towards my pussy, I feel something give inside of me. I am his, to do with as he will, and that means all I have to worry about is my own orgasm.

"Oh," I moan, as he plants his tip at my entrance and begins to ease inside of me. The tension of the bindings around my wrist matched with the softness of his hands on my legs, it’s almost more than I can take.

He fills me in one thrust, and my back arches from the bed, body responding to him; he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close, moving into me hard and deep, letting me feel the fullness of his cock as he continues to thrust inside me. I close my eyes, hands flexing against the bindings attached to the headboard, and I hook my ankles around his to pull him in deeper.

But he’s in no rush, pushing into me slowly, letting the pleasure build at his own pace. I can’t hurry, I can’t rush myself, I have to go at his rhythm—and, as he shifts to grind against my clit while he moves inside me, I know it’s just what I need.

I am grinding back against him with every thrust, my mind switched off to all but how much I want to cum—the orgasm that has felt so distant for so long now feels in reach, the freedom from control giving me no choice but to focus on the way this feels, how good he is inside of me.

He lowers his mouth to my neck and continues to thrust, his lips tracing up to just below my ear, that point that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I squeeze my thighs around him, the pressure beginning to build between my legs, and I can feel him grinning cockily against my neck. He knows he’s got me right where he wants me, but, with the pleasure rushing through my pelvis right now, I am in no place to complain.

"Mmm," I groan, turning my head to kiss him properly, and he dips his tongue into my mouth just the same way he did with his fingers before. And the taste of him on my lips, the feel of his cock thrusting inside of me, the pressure against my clit as he hits me just right, takes me at last over the edge and into the release I have been craving for so long.

I cry out against his lips, hands straining against their bindings, body unable to do anything but give in to the pleasure he’s giving me. My legs tremble and I sink back on to the pillow, hardly able to open my eyes as the convulsions continue to wrack my lower body. And, as he continues to move inside of me, I manage to focus my gaze on him once more.

"Told you this would work," he teases me. And then, he dips down for another kiss.


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