Free erotica for women: My first toy


Erotica for women: My first toy

Want something to turn you on? Indulge yourself in this free erotica for women. This short story follows a woman as she explores herself for the first time with a vibrator. may want one of your own when you're done reading.

A gift from Theresa

I pick up the toy from my bedside table and give it a slightly bemused look.

I’ve never used something like this before, and honestly, I don’t even know where to even begin.

It’s a little longer than my hand, light blue, with a bulbous tip on one end and a smaller part extending from the middle. I skim my fingers over the buttons and consider how best to make this work.

It’s a gift from Theresa, something to keep me satisfied while she’s out of town—she’s had one of her own for years and has even given me a couple of demonstrations of how to use it on her, but I’ve never really known how to make it work on me.

Using toys is something I’ve always found a little intimidating; I’ve only just gotten used to making myself cum with my own fingers, and this is a big step up from that.

But, in Theresa’s absence, I want to keep my libido in check, and this seems like a fun way to figure out how. So, planting my feet together and letting my knees fall to the side, I apply a generous amount of lubricant to the thicker, longer head of the toy and move it between my legs.

Okay, let’s start slow here...

I press the tip of the toy against my slit, and feel it part my lips to slide inside of me. I bite my lip, shift my hips a little, and let it slide in even deeper. The fullness inside of me is a little shocking, but after a moment of letting myself get used to it, it mellows to something deliciously satisfying.

I push it in further until I can feel the second little head pressing at my clit.

God, that feels good…

The mesh of the sensations is coming together between my thighs in a way that makes me forget about my misgivings in the first place. I slide it back and forth a few times, experimenting, letting myself get used to the deliciously new sensations of this thing inside of me.

My thumb skims over the buttons again, and I click one on, sending a rush of vibrations through the toy inside of me. I let out a little cry—half-surprise and half-delight—and then, as I get used to it, I push the vibrating silicon deeper into me, letting the nub press against my clit as it rumbles away deep in my pussy.

The thickness of the tip feels heavenly thrusting so deep into me, and the pressure against my clit is almost unbearably good. Daringly, I click it up another notch, and the vibrations intensify, the warmth boiling between my legs as it starts to take control of me.

This thing has power.

All the doubts I might have had about this thing are gone as I find myself grinding my hips back against my new best friend, feeling that bulbous tip spreading my muscles to find this heavenly tension deep within me. The smaller nub is buzzing mercilessly against my clit, and I push it harder against me, the shock of the pleasure almost too much to take.

And I have total control over every part of me. Inside, outside, the speed, the depth… anything that my body craves, I can give it to her.

I click the button again, pushing it up another level, and I groan loudly as the vibrations fill my pussy and echo out all over my body. It’s more than just localized pleasure. It feels like it is arching through every part of me, my nerve-endings from my scalp to my toes responding to the near-decadent mixture of internal and external pleasure between my legs.

I squeeze my thighs shut around the toy, grinding down against it as I move it deep inside of me, thrusting now, long, deep motions that bring me closer and closer to the edge. I rock my knees up to my chest, my breath coming faster and faster as I go deeper and deeper, the vibrations against my clit only drawing me nearer to the release that I am craving so keenly.

When the orgasm hits, it ripples out from inside me to consume my whole body at once. I cry out, the vibrations feeling like they are filling me from head to toe at once, my whole system suspended in that almost unbearable pleasure before it tips into these spasms of relief.

And I lie there on the bed, trying to catch my breath as I allow the last vestiges of my orgasm to consume me. Slowly, I pull the slick toy from between my legs, and flop it down on the bed beside me.

Suddenly, all of the time that Theresa is going to be spending on that work trip doesn’t seem like much of a problem anymore…

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