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Research: Self-pleasure could be the key to a healthier you

If you’re looking for ways to boost your health, it could come in the form of an orgasm—and more particularly, one you give yourself. Despite suffering years of stigma, female masturbation is finally stepping out of the shadows and into all of its delicious, tingly, light-headed, sensational glory.

Women’s natural sexual desires are not only being recognized (finally), but many scientists and medical professionals are even researching how going down on yourself could lead to a healthier and certainly more satisfying life.

So, it’s time to slide your fingers below your waist or power up your favorite bedroom toy and give your body a much-needed and much-deserved health check.

The science behind masturbation health benefits

Technically, most health benefits are linked to the orgasm itself and aren’t exactly tied to how you get there. However, because many women can feel pressured or distracted during sexual sessions with a partner, it is often easier and quicker to reach climax on your own. That doesn’t mean you have to trade off partner playtime, though. On the contrary, more masturbation tends to lead to better partner sex. You can even invite your partner to join in on the fun of your self-explorations.

With self-pleasure, you are free to explore exactly what feels good and linger for as long as you want (or can) until you reach that toe-clenching orgasm. And when you reach climax, your body gets flooded with a cocktail of hormones, such as endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin.

These hormones, along with increased blood circulation and other biological responses to the big “O,” are responsible for that euphoric feeling you get during and after an orgasm. They also play an unexpected role in some pretty satisfying health benefits, such as:

Stress reduction and mood regulation

Endorphins and oxytocin are “feel good” hormones. They increase feelings of positivity and diminishes stressful thoughts. But even if you don’t reach orgasm, the act of masturbating alone could be enough to relax. When self-pleasuring, we tend to push our to-do lists and negative thoughts aside to focus on the pleasure of touching ourselves (unless you’re masturbating to a work deadline). This act of concentration is a lot like meditation and could help us reduce daily stress. 

Improved sleep

Masturbation is fun, but it can also be physically exhausting—which is great if you’re struggling to catch up on sleep. When preparing for an orgasm, your blood pressure increases, your breath quickens, and your heart rate reaches its peak. Your body reacts much in the same way as if you were exercising. Post-orgasm, everything slows back down. Your physical reaction paired with the meditative components listed above and the release of feel-good hormones is like a dose of melatonin. You’ll finish feeling relaxed, liberated, and ready to get some sleep.

Stronger pelvic floor

Like any muscle, the pelvic floor requires some form of exercise to stay in shape. Traditionally, women have relied on Kegel exercises to keep their vaginal muscles strong, but masturbation could be just as effective—and much more rewarding! When you orgasm, your pelvic floor contracts, much like it does during Kegels. These contractions strengthen the muscles, helping to prevent or improve incontinence, sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, and other issues caused by a weak pelvic floor.

Prevention of infections

The vagina is a wonderful, self-cleaning machine, but self-pleasure could be the key to keeping things even fresher and preventing future infections—WAP, anyone? When your vagina becomes aroused, the cervix begins to stretch or “tent” to make room for a finger, penis, toy, or whatever playful item you’d like to enter it. During vaginal tenting, cervical mucous that could be carrying undesirable bacteria is stretched and circulated and eventually flushed out of the body. Orgasms can also alter your vagina’s pH by producing more good bacteria and kicking infection-causing bacteria out.

Reduced period cramps

If you’re looking for a more natural solution to your period pain, try giving yourself some extra love. Period masturbation may not sound sexy, but it could be better for your cramps than Midol. When masturbating, your body releases extra amounts of endorphins and oxytocin—two hormones nicknamed the body’s “natural opioids ” for their ability to naturally reduce pain. It also increases blood flow, another natural pain remedy, to the genital area. Together, these can help reduce cramps, headaches, and other period pains. For a mess-free period pleasure session, grab a waterproof toy and steam things up in the shower.

Self-pleasure leads to better sex

If your partner is getting jealous of all your extra solo time, remind them that there are big benefits for them, too. Self-pleasure not only gives your health a boost, but it can also give a big boost to your sex life.

Masturbation allows you to freely explore your body and desires, helping you understand exactly what you need and want to reach climax. Regular masturbation, especially with G-Spot stimulating toys, can help you sensitize your G-Spot, making it easier to cum during other sexual encounters. 

Other bedroom benefits of self-pleasure include increased confidence and raised libido. With regular self-love sessions, you’ll practically be jumping all over your partner and oozing the confidence you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do.

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