5 Things to Know Before Trying Wax Play

5 Things to Know Before Trying Wax Play

5 Things to Know Before Trying Wax Play

Want to heat things up in the bedroom? Let us introduce you to the magical world of wax play. It’s hot, sticky, and (potentially) super sexy. It’s a BDSM staple since wax is an exciting way to combine pleasure with pain. But it works as a purely sensory thing, too.

Of course, great power comes with great responsibility, and you’ll want to spend some time prepping before you drip hot wax onto someone’s skin. So, here’s everything you need to know about BDSM wax play, from starting the conversation to finding the right candles.

What Is Wax Play?

Wax play involves dripping or pouring hot wax onto the skin. It falls under “temperature play” in the kink world, which is exactly what it sounds like: using hot or cold objects to create exciting sensations during partner play.

So, why is candle wax play such a popular kink? It’s simple: Wax play BDSM stimulates our senses, which amplifies the pleasure we usually get from sex. Your physical reaction to heat (and pain, if you’re into that) grounds you and helps you stay present during the moment.

Wax play also boosts your sensitivity, adding tons of intensity as you roll around the sheets with your partner. Even a light hand brushing against your thigh can feel ahhh-mazing with some hot wax involved. The best part? Putting all that control into someone else’s hands can be super hot (literally).

How to Wax Play: 5 Tips for Beginners

Ready to ignite your sex life with wax play? Before you grab the nearest candle, you’ll need to know how to wax play safely and consensually—with safe words and open communication on both sides. Here’s how to get started.

1.    Talk to Your Partner

Unless you’re planning to keep your wax play sexcapades solo (which can be totally hot), you’ll need to talk to your partner. To take the pressure off, start the conversation outside of the bedroom. This way, you can create an open dialogue where you can both explore your kinks and boundaries.

Not sure how to start? Ask your partner if there’s anything new they want to try out in the bedroom. When you start with an open question, you’ll give your partner the opportunity to bring up any sexual ideas they’ve been fantasizing about for a more balanced (and spicy) discussion.

2.    Use Body-Safe Candles

There’s not a lot of equipment needed when it comes to wax play. You’ll need body-safe candles, a lighter, and a tarp or something to catch accidental drips.

And no, we don’t recommend grabbing any old candle lying around your house. Wax play candles should only reach a certain temperature to avoid burning the skin, so you’ll want to go with unscented, soy, or paraffin candles to keep it safe. That said, candles specifically designed for wax play are the best bet to make wax play sexual, sensual, and safe.

3.    Choose a Safe Word

When not used correctly, wax can cause serious damage. Remember: You’re playing with actual fire here. Make sure you spend some time establishing clear boundaries before you start playing with wax. For example, your partner might feel comfortable trying wax play on their arms and legs but ask you to stay away from more sensitive areas.

If you’re new to BDSM, try creating a safe word. Pick a word you’ll both remember, like banana, that will signal when things are getting too hot (literally or figuratively). Many couples like to use the “traffic light” system in their BDSM play. With the traffic light system, “red” means stop, “yellow” means slow things down a bit but keep going, and “green” means give me more!  

4.    Take It Slow

Take it easy, and don’t rush into anything. The best way to start with wax play is to go slow, try smaller amounts of wax, and allow yourself to get comfortable with temperature play before deep diving into it. You might experiment with dripping from different heights, waving the candle over yourself, and testing out different areas of your body.

When you’re ready to turn the heat up, try grabbing your favorite vibrator or putting on a blindfold for more intense sensations. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

5.    Save Time for Aftercare

When you’re experimenting with any type of BDSM or role play, aftercare is essential. If you’re into temperature play, try hardening the wax with an ice cube to help with removal.

The process of picking wax off each other’s skin can feel relieving, but if you want to remove wax quickly, you can use a flat object (think: a credit card). Your skin will probably be warm to the touch after peeling off the wax, so make sure to soothe your skin with some gentle oil or lotion. And who knows, a good rub down might lead to round two.

Turn Up the Heat on Your Partner Play

It doesn’t matter whether missionary is your fav position or you’re a BDSM fiend—wax play can be fun for everyone. And when you’re ready to spice up your sex life, Indulgent Moments is here to help.

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