How to Have More Intense Orgasms

How to Have More Intense Orgasms

How to Have More Intense Orgasms

We all want to have amazing orgasms that blow our minds every single time, but let’s face it: it’s not always that easy. Research shows that only half of women consistently orgasm during partner play, while nine percent have never orgasmed during intercourse. Yep, you read that right.

The good news? We’re here to help you reach the big O. And even if you’re lucky enough to have figured out a go-to, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your big moment even bigger. Here’s how to have more intense orgasms.

Mix Up Your Self-Pleasure Routine

Maybe you lay back and let your vibrator do all the work, or you love getting steamy with your detachable showerhead. No matter what your current repertoire looks like, it’s time to switch things up! You’ll be surprised to find out there are more ways to get off than you ever imagined.

Not sure where to start? Try stimulating different types of your body for some seriously good sensations. Women can experience different types of orgasms than their male counterparts, from clitoral orgasms to anal orgasms, so don’t feel like you have to stick to the vagina.

You can also stimulate different sensory pathways (think: your nipples, neck, stomach, and thighs) to find out what makes you tick. Everyone is different, so keep an open mind, take some time to explore your body, and see what you’re into.

Be Intentional with Your Focus

If you’ve never tried mindful masturbation, here’s your sign to start. It’s completely normal to feel distracted or anxious, even during solo play. When mental chatter interrupts your pleasure, take a step back and be intentional with your focus.

Before you slip between the sheets, eliminate any distractions. Put your phone on silent mode, dim the lights, or even blindfold yourself. You want to focus on the present moment, and all those little distractions can add up and take away from your orgasm.

Get Yourself in the Mood

Fun fact: Adding psychological stimulation to your solo play can help enhance your physical sensations, making your orgasms waaay more intense. The next time you’re craving something extra, heat up your self-pleasure session with our free erotica for women.

If erotica isn’t your thing, there are other options out there. Try thinking about a hot scenario during solo play, whether it’s a steamy sexcapade you had last year, a sexy daydream about Ryan Gosling, or a vision of what’s to come (hopefully you, soon). Fantasy is a powerful way to take your mind off stressors. And remember: It’s totally OK to fantasize about someone other than your partner.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

When you’re getting hot and heavy, remember to focus on your breathing. It’s all too easy to hold your breath when you’re getting close, but this can hinder blood circulation, which can make or break your big moment. Instead, try varying your breathing pattern from slow to deep.

If you have trouble focusing on your breath during solo play, practice breathwork. It will help ensure blood flow gets to your arousal organs (AKA, your clit and brain), and will also help you stay present when it matters most.

Try Some New Techniques

If you find yourself losing your orgasm right before it happens, try edging (allowing a build-up of pleasure, intentionally stopping before climax, and repeating the process). It’s all about making your orgasms more powerful, intense, and long-lasting. Sounds pretty great, right?

During self-pleasure or sex, edging can promote blood flow to your nerve endings. In other words, when you deny your orgasm right before it happens, you’re creating an intense build-up of pleasure.

We know—it sounds tricky. When you get to that point, it can feel impossible not to let yourself go. But when you finally do climax, it’s going to feel even better and more intense. If you want to start solo, try turning your vibrator to the lowest setting to stimulate your vulva, labia, and clit for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Keep the Right Toys in Your Top Drawer

There are tons of ways to masturbate, from rapid tapping motions to slow circular rhythms. But when manual stimulation just isn’t getting the job done, don’t be afraid to reach for your buzzy babe.

If you’re used to the same-old sensations, introducing a dual-action vibrator into your solo play can instantly upgrade your routine. And when it comes to partner play, it can even take the pressure off your partner to make you cum on their own. Sometimes, a good vibrator is the magic that takes things to the next level.

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