5 ways women orgasm

6 Different Types of Female Orgasms

6 Ways Women Orgasm

Reaching orgasm may be a little less straightforward than it is for our male counterparts, but how many ways can they cum? One of the benefits of our very intricate and complex vulvas is that there are so many different ways to touch, tease, and please ourselves—all resulting in completely different sensations and climaxes!

If you’re struggling to reach the big “O” or just want to find new ways to blow your mind, try to hit these five erogenous zones and enjoy unique, mind-blowing orgasms.

#1 - Clitoral Orgasm

You might think you need penetration to orgasm, but it’s actually the clitoris that is responsible for most female orgasms! Home to over 8,000 nerve endings, this spot is the go-to pleasure zone for most women, and studies even suggest that most women require some form of clitoral stimulation to reach climax.

To find your clitoris, run your fingers along your inner and outer labia until you find the point at which they meet. Your clit may be exposed, or it could be hiding under your inner labia, known as a protective hood. Just wiggle your fingers around until you feel a jolt of sensitivity. Once you find your clit, you’ll want to experiment with different masturbation techniques to find one that works for you. Each person is different, so be patient and have fun exploring!

#2 - G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is always talked about, but finding it isn’t always as easy. To find your G-spot, slide your fingers about 1 to 2 inches inside your vagina and curl your fingers in a “come here” motion toward your belly button, stimulating the front wall of your vagina. You may notice a difference in texture and sensation. The g-spot can also swell during arousal, so if you don’t find it right away, try to get yourself more in the mood first.

A G-spot Vibrator is also great for finding and exploring this erogenous zone, as the shaft is perfectly curved to hit your G-spot, and the firm, vibrating head provides a firm and intense stimulation to help “wake up” the pleasure zone. For added pleasure, opt for a dual action G-spot vibrator to stimulate the clit and G-spot at the same time!

#3 – A-Spot and O-Spot Orgasms

The G-spot isn’t the only letter to reach for during penetration. There are many highly-sensitive (and oh, so good) spots to touch in the inner walls of the vagina, such as the A-Spot and the O-spot.

The A-spot stands for the anterior or high front wall of the vagina, usually located a few inches above the G-spot, between the cervix and the bladder. The O-spot, standing for orgasm, is located on the back wall of the vagina across from the G-spot. If you’re curious about anal, this sensation could give you a sneak peek at what an anal orgasm could feel like for you. 

#4 - Anal Orgasm

For some people, anal orgasms just mean stimulating the external anus (for example, during rimming). For others, it means stimulating the internal anal canal (for example, with a vibrator or during penetrative sex).

If you’re an anal play newbie, take the time to learn how to make your first anal experience a pleasurable one with our guide to experimenting with anal. Hint—you’ll want to stock up on some good lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so you’ll need lube to make penetration comfortable. Try combining anal play with other stimulation, like clitoral, to light up multiple erogenous zones at once.

#5 - Squirting

Squirting, while technically not an orgasm, is still a unique experience that can bring send some seriously good sensations throughout your body. And this feeling isn't just reserved for porn stars! Learning how to squirt can require some patience and lot of exploration, which, let's be honest, doesn't sound too terrible. itself.

Next time you're having sex or masturbating, pay attention to any unfamiliar sensations. Most women who have squirted say that before they do, they feel a weird, almost uncomfortable pressure, much like they have to pee. When you feel that, keep doing what you're doing and experience the sweet release of squirting!

#6 - Blended Orgasm

When most people talk about blended orgasms, they’re talking about simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasms, which usually happen by stimulating the external clit while engaging in vaginal penetration. Some say blended orgasms feel more intense than your average clitoral or vaginal orgasm and offer its own unique feeling.

It requires some coordination, but the results can be pretty life-changing. When you’re ready to amplify your pleasure, mix and match the orgasms listed above and see how many you can check off your list!

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