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The Ultimate Guide to Squirting

The Ultimate Guide to Squirting

Squirting—the fluid that comes jetting out of a woman’s genitals (sometimes accompanying an orgasm) during sex—is like a unicorn. Some people swear it’s real, other people think it’s a conspiracy, and some people think it’s just pee.

To make it even more mystical, we still don’t know a lot about the science behind female ejaculation. We don’t know exactly what’s in it. We don’t know why some women can do it while others struggle. Even women who can squirt don’t fully understand it.

So, can all women squirt? And how? The answer is complicated, but we’re going to dive in and cover everything you ever wanted to know about squirting so you can start showering your partner with love (pun intended).

Is Squirting Real?

Even though there’s not a lot of scientific data on squirting, there’s tons of anecdotal evidence that some women do, in fact, squirt. According to a recent survey on women’s pleasure, 41 percent of women have experienced squirting. And most of them spent years thinking it wasn’t possible for them.

It’s unclear whether all women are capable of squirting, but most women who’ve squirted say they were anxious about it for a while. According to the study, 28 percent of women who squirt were worried about the mess, while 20 percent said that building up to squirting felt uncomfortable at times. What’s more, 40 percent said that confusing the feeling of almost-squirting with almost-peeing held them back.

So, if you feel a close-to-peeing feeling or notice some unfamiliar sensations during sex or solo play, you’re not alone—and it may be worth it to hold out a little longer and see what happens. Ultimately, making yourself squirt is all about finding the technique that works for you and overcoming any feelings of self-consciousness along the way.

Common Myths About Squirting

Squirting is a popular fetish, which is why it’s pretty big in porn. But—like a lot of other things you see in porn—what you see isn’t always real.

Do you squirt when you orgasm?

Let’s break down the biggest myth: Squirting is not the same as orgasming. Squirting can help you unlock some seriously good sensations, but it doesn’t feel the same as an orgasm. Some squirters say it feels more like a release than an orgasm, bringing a completely different kind of enjoyable sensation. Still, if you’re lucky, it is possible to achieve an orgasm at the same time. Either way, it will be enjoyable.

Is squirting just pee?

Researchers have found that the fluid produced from squirting does contain some pee, but it’s not all pee. Instead, it’s a mix of ejaculatory fluid and urinary fluid. (BTW, gents, there’s probably some pee in your pre-cum, too).

With that said, what you see in porn could sometimes just be pee. Most women can’t squirt on command, and building up to squirting typically requires a long session of steady stimulation. It’s normal for women to put too much pressure on themselves to squirt—or feel like they’re “taking too long.”

Does squirting cause a mess?

Squirting won’t stain your sheets, but it could leave them pretty wet. Still, getting hung up about clean-up isn’t a good reason to sacrifice pleasure. And if you’re worried your partner will find it “gross,” think again. There’s a reason why squirting is a popular porn search term! And chances are, squirting isn’t going to look the same as it does in porn. Instead of imagining a fountain spraying out of your vagina, start by adjusting your expectations. You might have a less climactic release of fluids or only notice a few drops—and both are totally normal. So, if you’re worried about messes, just lay a towel down and let your body do its thing.

How To Make Yourself Squirt

Mastering the art of squirting is tricky. And even though there’s no solid evidence that you can teach yourself how to squirt during sex or solo play, it can still feel good to trial test it at home (you know, for the sake of science).

Some women squirt with gentle motions, while some need harder pressure. Others squirt from stimulating their G-spot, rubbing their clit, or anal play. Basically, there’s no magic method to make yourself squirt. So you’ll need to have patience and a willingness to explore new sensations—and maybe even push through a bit of discomfort.

Even though techniques vary from woman to woman, there’s one common theme: Women who squirt usually feel a weird, unfamiliar feeling of tension inside, sometimes like you have to pee.

When you’re building up to squirting, that weird sensation tells you that you’re on the right track. And whatever created that feeling, you need to do more of it. Maybe you’ve already felt the sensation before, but you stopped because it felt unfamiliar.

Regardless of your past experience with squirting, here’s how to unleash your inner WAP energy and enjoy some tantalizing new sensations.

  • Whether you’re experimenting with a partner or trying to spice up your solo play, start by setting the mood with candlelight and some sexy music. Grab your buzzy babe and start exploring your erogenous zones with a light, gentle touch. Here, your main goal is to relax your body.
  • Turn up the heat. Once you’ve started getting playful, experiment with different combinations of touch and pressure. You want to figure out what kind of touch builds up that tension, queasiness, or close-to-peeing feeling. It’s probably going to take some prolonged stimulation to squirt, so take your time building up pressure and intensity.
  • Stick with it. At this point, your body is probably sensitive to almost anything. Try turning up the pressure or speed to keep building tension. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes of consistent pressure, so stick with it! Stay patient and find a comfortable position if you need to.
  • Let go. Once the tension has built up so much you feel like you’re about to explode, it’s time to release. Try consciously relaxing your internal muscles, pushing outward, or adding a sudden burst of speed or pressure to trigger squirting. Try not to get distracted or worry about any kind of time limit—it’s all about embracing the mess and indulging in pleasure.

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