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How to Get a WAP

We’ve all learned the lyrics to WAP. Now it’s time to learn how to get one.

If you’re feeling turned on with your partner and you still can’t get wet, we feel your frustration. Even though the female body has a built-in lubrication system, it can still be difficult for many women to get and stay wet during intercourse. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to get your super soakers going and tap into your own WAP energy.

Grab a mop and bucket, because we’re going to spill all the secrets you need to get your juices flowing.

Take Proper Care of Your Vagina

When it comes to getting a WAP, your vagina’s pH levels play an important role. Vaginal pH levels are crucial to maintaining a healthy environment and preventing bacterial growth, and achieving homeostasis is key to boosting your natural wetness. Basically, your vagina is its own ecosystem, which can sometimes be thrown off balance if not properly cared for.

Contrary to popular belief, your vagina isn’t meant to smell like a bouquet. Instead, your vagina is full of healthy bacteria called flora that produce its natural, earthy scent. Using sprays, soaps, and products with synthetic dyes can dry out your vagina, cause irritation, and mess with your natural pH balance.

There’s no need to douche, either. Unnecessary at its best — and dangerous at its worst — douching can increase your risk of yeast infections and pelvic inflammatory disease by pushing conditions further up the fallopian tubes.

Remember: your vagina is a self-cleaning machine. To properly care for your vagina, most OBGYNs recommend simply rinsing your vulva with clean water.

Choose Foods That Make Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

Even though your vagina is a pro at protecting and cleaning itself, diet is key to keeping your WAP in check. Incorporate vagina-friendly foods into your diet — like cranberries, ginger, soy, and yogurt — to maintain healthy pH levels (your vagina will thank you). You’ll also want to watch your intake of fried and processed foods, which can throw off your vagina’s pH balance, leaving you vulnerable to bacterial and yeast infections.

Meanwhile, for some women, something as simple as dehydration can make it harder to get wet. Because our cells are primarily composed of water, poor water intake can have various consequences on our health, including vaginal dryness.

To stay hydrated, set a goal to consistently drink around 11.5 cups a day, and if dehydration is causing your vaginal dryness, you should see improvements within a few days. Not only will drinking water improve your natural lubrication, but it’ll also give you the stamina you need to go all night long — talk about instant gratification for a minor lifestyle change.

Lube Up for Safe, Mop-and-Bucket-Worthy Sex

Let’s face the truth; sometimes our vaginas just aren’t soaking wet — and that’s OK. There are many factors, from medical conditions and medications to stress and fatigue, that can prevent our waterworks from going. If that’s the case, just use lube.  

Personal lubricant not only makes sex more enjoyable but it also makes it safer. Without enough moisture, sex can cause friction, creating small tears and cuts that can increase your risk of infection for STIs and STDs. And if safe sex and feeling good isn’t enough to convince you, lube can also boost your natural wetness by helping you relax and get wet on your own without any pressure.

Lubes provide the same benefits as natural lubrication for you and your partner — and sometimes a few more. Some lubes are flavored for oral sex, while others provide tantalizing heating or cooling sensations. Next time you’re planning a solo session or getting frisky with your partner, apply lube beforehand and enjoy the sensation of being wet before you’re even aroused.

If you’re unsure where to start, a pH-balanced water-based lube is ideal for your body and silicone-based sex toys. All you need to do is lightly apply the lube to your vulva and clitoris and start gently massaging yourself. You might find that applying lube helps get you in the mood, or you can add more as needed. Either way, remember that comfort and enjoyment is all that matters when it comes to your WAP.

Treat Yourself to Sexy Solo Sessions

If you’re just going through the motions of sex, you’re not allowing yourself to become fully aroused. To fully connect with your body and embrace your carnal cravings, treat yourself to some extra love.

Sex is unique for everyone, and you might find that different things get you aroused. Stimulating your genitals and erogenous zones with your hands (or, better yet, your favorite sex toy) can help you learn what your body responds to so you can become aroused (and wet) faster and easier. After you find out what makes you cum, you can share that information with your partner.

You can even invite your partner to play with mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation can be a sexy, no-pressure way to get in the mood while giving you the time and space to get as wet as you’d like before penetration. So before you rush, remind yourself and your partner that the “macaroni in a pot” needs a little time to cook first.

Activate Your Desires for Better, Wetter Orgasms

Ultimately, the best way to get a WAP is to find out what really gets you off, whether that involves hitting your G-spot or playing with your favorite sex toys.

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