Best Queer Dating Apps 2023

Best Queer Dating Apps 2023


Best Queer Dating Apps 2023

Are you searching for the right queer dating app and coming up empty-handed? We’ve laid out 2023’s best LGBTQIA+ dating apps, from benefits to drawbacks (because they all have them), so you can find your perfect fit.

Best queer dating apps

  1. Lex

Short for Lexicon, Lex is a great text-based app for anyone who isn’t a man. If you’re feeling brave enough to match with someone based on personality and not photos, this app is for you. It’s a safe place for lesbians and other queer folks where you likely won’t run into any heterosexual people. It’s a cool app—people are pretty creative with their “ads”—you might just find that exact lesbian tarot reading witch lover or friend you’re looking for.


On the other end of the spectrum, Grindr is for queer men and non-binary folks. It’s a super active platform that’s been around for a while, making it a great way to meet another person. One major benefit to Grindr is that most people make their intentions known straight away—that way, you’ll know if you’re meeting with someone who is looking for a relationship, a hook-up, or just a situationship. They’ve changed their language to be gender-inclusive across the site, so it’s a welcoming platform for many people.

  1. Hinge 

Hinge is known as “the dating app designed to be deleted.” It’s not a queer-specific app, so that comes with its challenges, but there are tons of users on there, so it can be a great pool to choose from. It’s more thoughtful than most apps—with the option to put things like political affiliation or whether or not one uses substances—to help you quickly narrow down your search. There are also tons of gender options, whereas some other sites are limited to male/female.

  1. Her

Her is another queer dating app for women (non-binary folks use it, too) created by women. Basically, it’s just for everyone who isn’t a man. It’s another safe space for queers away from the heteronormative noise. There’s an inclusive dedicated spot for pronouns in bios, and there are actually some opportunities to get involved in events near you. If you want to meet someone across the country and Uhaul like a classic queer couple, you can join the communities like “Bisexual” or “Good Vibes Only.” There aren’t as many profiles here as the traditional dating apps, but the pool is rich!

  1. Scruff

This app is like Grindr in that it’s for men and non-binary people but with more features. It is its own little safe haven. There are video chat options for premium users. They also have Scruff Venture, a gay travel community, and Scruff Events for local queer events. Some people prefer Scruff over Grindr. It’s just a matter of preference! It is important to note that some men can be transphobic, so it’s something to be aware and cautious of. 

  1. OkCupid

This LGBTQIA+ dating app has been around forever, and for good reason. It’s more of a find-your-person app than a hook-up app. Most people on here are perusing for a relationship—and if they’re not, they state that with the options given in bios. For the queer community, it’s a helpful platform because they have tons of filters for gender: 22 gender options and 20 orientation options! Identify as a hard femme switch? They’ve got an option for you! They make a concerted effort to make OkCupid a safe and fun place for all LGBTQIA+ folks. There is still the chance, though, that you run into a heterosexual person who isn’t as accepting, which is the case for any app that isn’t queer-specific.

  1. Tinder 

A dating app list would be incomplete without Tinder. It’s not perfect, but as the largest platform, it’s one of the best ways to meet people. You can filter to your gender preferences. Considering the LGBTQIA+ dating pool can be somewhat small in certain areas, you may even run into that crush you had from queereoke! Most people who are dating are on Tinder just have to be cautious of transphobes. Tinder has been known to kick trans people off the app and have them get flack (usually from straight men). You just have to find your community.