Tantric Breathing

Heighten Your Orgasms with Tantric Breathing

Tantric Breathing could be the key to a better climax

You might not even realize it, but holding your breath as you get closer to climaxing is basically second nature. And it happens for countless reasons: nerves, excitement, trying to muffle your moans so your roommates don’t hear… you name it. But stopping the flow of breath could actually be hindering your pleasure.

Enter tantric breathing and masturbation. It’s all about pleasuring yourself through mindful touch and conscious breathing. Instead of rushing through another unsatisfying quickie, tantric breathing can help you open the doors to a more mindful sexperience—and life-changing, nirvana-worthy orgasms. Here’s how.

What Is Tantric Breathing?

Tantric breathing, also known as orgasmic or sexual breathing, is an energetic practice that reconnects you with your body. But it comes with a twist: The end goal of tantric sex isn’t an orgasm—it’s to consciously enjoy the process.

Tantric breathing has spiritual origins, with ancient roots stemming back to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jain traditions. Today, tantra is a practice that embodies every aspect of life. And yes, that includes masturbation.

Mastering the art of tantric breathing might seem intimidating, but it’s all about awareness. Think of tantric sex as a yoga orgasm. By focusing on your breathing, you can heighten your orgasms, reduce stress, and even relieve period cramps. Not only that, but a little self-exploration can help you practice self-compassion on a whole new level.

The best part? You can practice tantric breathing with or without a partner. That’s right: Tantric masturbation is a thing—and it’s amazing.

How Do You Practice Orgasmic Breathing?

When you’re bored of quickies or sick of distractions during your solo sessions, orgasmic breathing can save the day. Breathwork helps you relax into the experience, leading to deeper (and more intense) feelings of pleasure.

Above all else, tantric breathing is about figuring out what makes you feel good. Here’s how to use breathwork for a more satisfying self-pleasure sesh.

  1. Prep your environment. Your first mindful masturbation session might feel a little awkward, and that’s normal. Start by creating a comfortable space by playing some sexy music, lying on comfy pillows, or lighting candles. You might even start with a warm bath or do some yoga to calm your mind.
  2. Focus on your breath. Orgasmic breathing involves deep, conscious breaths. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for four, breathe out for four, and hold for four. Continue this for a few rounds, or as long as you feel like counting. Getting into a pattern can help you free your mind of distractions, helping you stay in the present.
  3. Relax and take it slow. Gently sweep your hands across your erogenous zones to stroke, tease, and massage yourself. Play around with different pressures and intensities, and be mindful of how you’re reacting to your touch. Explore your body in slow motion, gradually making your way down to your clit, vagina, or wherever it is that gets you going.
  4. Let go of your inhibitions. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep focusing on your breathing, and try touching yourself in places that you normally wouldn’t. Make the bed creak, talk dirty to yourself, and or get creative with your buzzy babe. Anything goes! Mindful masturbation is all about enjoying yourself—whatever that means for you.

When and Where to Practice Orgasmic Breathing

Before diving into tantric sex, start by practicing tantric breathing during solo sessions. It’s a great opportunity to learn what touches, pressures, and intensities your body responds to. Plus, meditative masturbation can even open the doors for a spiritual (or sexual) awakening. Win-win!

Once you’ve become an expert on your sexuality, it’s time to turn up the heat during partner play. Tantric breathing can take your relationship to a new dimension, encouraging you and your partner(s) to be more spiritually present and physically aware in the bedroom. Start by “syncing” up each other’s breathing throughout intercourse to refocus on each other and the sensations of the moment.

Remember: Tantric breathing is about connection. Instead of focusing on sex or orgasm control, immerse yourself in the experience and let the tension build up. Don’t be afraid to get creative—whether that means trying mutual masturbation, experimenting with different positions, or using sex toys to touch and tease each other in new ways.

Let Your Body Take Over

Even if you’re skeptical about breathwork, it’s definitely worth stepping outside your comfort zone and treating yourself to some mindful masturbation.

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