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The Valentines Gift You’ll Be Buzzing Over

Valentine’s Day is coming—what about you? Whether you’re flying solo or dating, a sex toy will last you way longer than your average bouquet of roses or box of chocolates. And seriously, is there a better time to splurge on your own self-pleasure? Valentine’s Day is all about embracing romance, love, and OFC, sex. And when it comes to self-love and solo sex, the sky’s the limit.

We’re here to help you get to know the Iridescence Dual-Action Vibrator, so you won’t ever have to worry about scoring a hot date on Valentine’s Day again (or any time of the year).

It Knows Just What You Like

With 12 playful vibration settings and three tantalizing intensities, the Iridescence comes with everything you need to spend the night in. Instead of waiting for your date to text back, stay home, order some takeout, and curl up to something that’ll actually give you an orgasm.

Whether you’re in the mood for a constant buzz, an intense pulse, or a mix of both, you can have it all with the click of a button. And if you can’t cum with vaginal penetration (like most vulva owners), we’ve got you covered.

The Iridescence comes with internal and external pleasure points for ultra-powerful stimulation to your G-spot and clit. Most dual-action vibrators come with a bulky, inflexible shaft for penetration, but the Iridescence is equipped with two ultra-smooth silicone pleasure points to target all of your sweet spots.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different positions, settings, and intensities on your journey to the big V-Day O!

It’s the Perfect “Threesome” Partner

Even though you show them love every day, there’s something extra magical about dedicating 24 hours of bliss to your partner. Most couples go for dinner and drinks, but if restrictions have you staying at home or you’re looking to turn up the heat before the night ends, the Iridescence will be the perfect thrill you and your partner are craving.

Sure, a vibrator is one of the best ways to spice things up when you’re riding solo, but it can also be a fun third wheel during partner sex. You might use the Iridescence to explore your partner’s erogenous zones or create an extrasensory experience by alternating between the vibrator and your mouth. To take your foreplay game to the next level, try pressing the vibrator against your cheek during oral sex.

When it comes to sex, some positions, like the reverse cowgirl or spooning, don’t leave a ton of room for clitoral stimulation. That’s where the Iridescence will be your MVP. Equipped with the ideal curves to fit into the palm of your hand, you can easily slip it into the exact place you need. With this third wheel, you won’t ever have to worry about crossing the finish line again.

It’ll Leave You Satisfied Every Time

Speaking of the crossing finish line, how many times have you come home after a Bumble hook-up just to masturbate because you weren’t satisfied? If the answer is “too many times to count,” it’s time to invest in a battery-operated boyfriend to end those one-night let-downs.

With 3.5 hours of continuous battery life, the Iridescence has the juice to keep you going until you reach the big O. Plus, with 90 days of standby, you won’t have to worry about a dead battery ruining the moment.

Of course, reaching orgasm doesn’t always have to be your end goal. Focusing too much on climaxing can be stressful—so make sure you’re taking the time to enjoy yourself. If you want to indulge in some new sensations and really embrace self-love this V-Day, treat yourself to a nirvana-worthy meditative masturbation session.

It’s Always Ready for a Bubble Bath

Whether you’re sharing space with roommates, need some privacy for self-love, or you just want an extra wet self-pleasure sesh, why not pamper yourself with a romantic bath on V-Day?

The Iridescence is completely waterproof, so you can soak it, dunk it, or drown it, and it’ll still vibrate. It won’t take up too much space in the tub or hog all the hot water from the shower, either. The best part? It’s whisper-quiet, with a maximum noise level of just 50 dB—so no matter who else is home, as long as you can stay quiet, they’ll never know about your secret V-Day date.

Life is too short to only masturbate in bed, so light some candles, turn on your steamiest playlist, and show your body the love it deserves.

It’s Not High-Maintenance (and You Don’t Have to Be, Either)

Between picking a hot outfit (and matching lingerie, if you’re into that), perfecting your makeup, and doing your hair, it can take forever to prep for date night. Instead of wasting hours trying to impress the guy you just met on Tinder, keep it low maintenance with a sexy night at home.

Want to get dressed up in sexy lingerie to eat ice cream and watch Sex and the City? Go for it! Sticking to your favorite joggers and a messy bun? Even better! The Iridescence doesn’t care what you look like—and it’s ready to go whenever you are. When the mood strikes, just wipe it down with some soap and hot water, and it’s ready to go.

This Valentine’s Day, Splurge on Self-Pleasure

Instead of fighting for a dinner reservation or suffering through another disappointing Tinder date, say “I love you” to yourself this Valentine’s Day with a mind-blowing self-pleasure sesh.

The Iridescence isn’t scared of a challenge, and she has everything you need to treat yourself to some seriously good sensations. Even though she’s developed for power and endurance, she’s ready to play with tantalizing vibration settings, intensities, and two pleasure points for the ultimate double-arousal.

Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day gift you’ll crave over and over again with the Iridescence dual-action vibrator.